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your patient care

Covetrus® and Zoetis Diagnostics are
joining forces to power your day-to-day.

Access an advanced portfolio of
solutions for more seamless workflows,
improved services, and increased value.

  • Make confident medical decisions faster with
    a fully connected diagnostic workflow
  • Quickly order tests, leveraging data already
    within the patient record
  • Help ensure accurate medical records by
    receiving test results automatically
  • View test results in and out of the patient
    room with real-time, remote access
  • Capture test charges at time of order and
    seamlessly invoice pet parents
  • Provide a smooth and streamlined
    experience for staff and clients

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Deliver efficient diagnostic results and elevated patient care.

Covetrus® Pulse® brings all your veterinary software applications into a single, cloud-based Veterinary Operating System (vOS™).
Vetscan Imagyst® is the first and only digital cytology and AI-powered fecal, urine sediment, dermatology, and blood smear analyzer to deliver expert results within minutes.1-4
Zoetis Virtual Laboratory offers an innovative ecosystem of diagnostic products and services, AI analysis, expert support, and integrated insights.
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Zoetis Diagnostics products and services
are fully integrated with Pulse.

What your veterinary peers are saying

It's helped our practice become more efficient, saving time from receptionists to doctors, who can look up the record from anywhere. Super easy to navigate, super easy to put tests in quickly.”

Jeri Chandler, Office Manager Washington Vet

The time spent putting in diagnostic info has decreased tremendously, allowing staff and doctors to be more efficient dealing with other tasks.”

Bethany Rains, Hospital Manager, Premier Pet Clinic

Bidirectional has helped us save time and make sure we don't miss any charges. It's easy to work with - there is almost no staff training needed."

Jorrie Hayden, Licensed Veterinary Technician, Ceglinski Animal Clinic

Ready to experience the power of
integrated diagnostics for yourself?

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and Pulse integration.

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