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Learn how Deerwood Animal Hospital was able to cultivate high levels of practice performance with support from Covetrus®, as well as key advantages including:

  • Increased efficiency via cloud-based integrations
  • Enhanced capacities to deliver quality, affordable care
  • Better work / life balance among staff
  • Stable, scalable revenue production

´´We’ve been able to successfully navigate our way through the Covid-19 pandemic
in large part due to our shift towards a fully cloud-based practice management
system. It’s helped us optimize our workflows, given us access to more meaningful,
relevant data that we need, and streamlined our integrations and communications.´´

Shailin Patel, Practice Manager

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Learn how Deerwood Animal Hospital, a small, single-doctor practice in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, harnessed the capabilities of their cloud-based practice management software (PIMS) to gain big advantages for their clinic.