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Affordable, quick to install, and easy-to-use, yet robust enough to grow with your practice.

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AVImark is the practice management software of choice for more than 11,000 customers worldwide. It is quick to install, easy to use, and offers advanced features that support a paperless practice and save you time and money

Features you'll love

Prescribe easily

Client information display

View and access client or patient medical history quickly. Streamlining the check-in and check-out process.

Encourage compliance

Note glossary

Create and store note templates to keep notes for your clients, patients, and medical history standardized.

Customize reports


Create custom lists to quickly update a patient’s medical history and assign action items.

Great value and easy-to-use

Whiteboard functionality gives you a centralized location to track and manage all patient activity, assign tasks, and capture notes in real-time. Information is automatically captured in the medical record and invoice, reducing the potential for missed charges and keeping every staff member up to date on communication and patient status while in your care.

Wellness plans bundle necessary services together into a defined schedule for the year, so clients can plan ahead. Set-price payments can be made in full or divided into regular intervals to make them more affordable for clients. This helps remove cost as a barrier and encourages pet owners to schedule visits sooner and more frequently.

veterinarian and kitten

Your clients will love

  • Spending more quality time with their practitioner
  • Saving money and knowing their pet is getting needed care with a wellness plan that doesn't break the bank.
  • Quick and easy checkouts, no more waiting around for payments to post and copied back into the practice management system. 

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AVImark is the greatest value in veterinary software. It continues to evolve and meet needs we didn’t even know we had

Craig Buffington, DVM
Stonebrook Veterinary Clinic, Frisco, TX


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